22 March 2023

After a very successful hockey season which saw many of the first years pick up a hockey stick for the first time and the U13 As have an unbeaten season in their regular fixtures, the Lower School tutor groups took each other on in the annual end of term competition at Tilsley Park. Results were as follows:

1st years:

1F and 1P drew (1 – 1)
1M beat 1P (2 – 0) and 1F (4 – 0)
1st – 1M, 2nd – 1P, 3rd – 1F

2nd years:

2G beat 2C (2 – 0)
2H beat 2G (1 – 0) and 2C (2 – 0)
1st – 2H, 2nd – 2G, 3rd – 2C

Following the games, the end of season prizes were awarded. Congratulations go to:

U13A player of the season: Tom Austin
U13B player of the season: Toby Williams
U12A player of the season: Jackson Galbraith
U12B player of the season: Noah Foxall-Yap
U13 most improved player: Jack Taylor
U12 most improved player: Will Gurney

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