21 June 2021

It was fantastic to see so many young musicians performing in the Lower School Gala Concert. Given the circumstances within which these young people have found themselves over the past 18 months or so, to be able to perform to such a high standard was testimony to their hard work and determination throughout the lockdowns. With an eclectic mix of music from Junior Strings, Lower School Band, Junior Blues and the debuting Open Mic Groups, it was a wonderful showcase of the musical talent we have at Abingdon. The professionalism of the first and second year choirs, who came together for the first time on the day of recording was lovely to see.

Trying to find things to celebrate during the situation we have found ourselves in over the last year or so has sometimes been difficult, but this was definitely worth a celebration. With so many solo performers taking centre stage for the first time in their Abingdon career it was great to see them handle their performances with poise and enthusiasm. I hope that you all enjoyed the performances as much as we did – I am already looking forward to the next one!

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