14 February 2020

This week saw art teacher Kate Byrne returning to Long Furlong Primary School to teach a class of 27 Year 6 students. The focus of the session was around the theme of WW2 and the class really enjoyed making matchbox sculptures to capture the emotion of the time. Supported by two Long Furlong staff, Kate led a session on how to mix basic colours and how to make and decorate matchboxes. It was especially entertaining seeing the students try their best to paint some small army men without getting themselves covered in paint! It was a big change from an average lesson with the whole classroom being very active and moving around a lot, there was a clear sense of creativity as the students cut fabric, used glue guns and wire cutters as well as exploring various other methods of art and design. The students themselves had high praise for the session saying that they were ‘finding this really fun’ and most importantly that they ‘love art now!’

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