30 March 2021

The final Lower School assembly of the term gave the chance to recognise the efforts of the boys both in and out of lessons during the period of remote schooling through the handing out of Lower School Lockdown Hero Awards. Tutors recognised those boys who had shown particular creativity, enthusiasm and resilience while learning from home, while certificates also went to boys who had managed to keep up commitment to their Other Half endeavours. The latter included recognition of achievements such as taking on a 150km bicycle ride, organising online training sessions for a local rugby club, and providing recordings of their harp playing for services at a local church. Awards were also made to those boys who had made a difference in some way at home – examples included taking on the cooking of meals for the family, setting up litter picks in their local area, and organising the weekly shop for grandparents. It was great to see the range of reasons for the awards – Lower School have certainly lived up to the idea of “be more Griffen” over the course of the last term.

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