22 May 2020

Pete Bignell, Abingdon School’s Director of Sport, has compiled some suggestions for the Abingdon community to try over half term. Pete says:

As we come to another significant milestone in our lockdown journey, ‘half term’, it is time to reflect on what the last nine weeks have been like. There has been the novelty of remote learning in both its preparation, delivery and just seeing a small glimpse into everyone’s lives at home but there has also been what can seem like endless hours in a chair sat interacting with a screen whilst the sun beats down outside.

With nine days ahead of us where the weather looks set to be sunny and warm and a lot more ‘free time’ on our hands I want to encourage all our pupils, parents and staff to make the most of their off screen time. So I’ve drawn up 35 things you can do that will take you away from your screens and I encourage you all to embrace this time to step outside the new normal, put down the TV remote, leave your phone on the table and interact with one another and the outside world. 

Download the list

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