9 March 2021

In February, 26 of Abingdon’s keenest linguists took part in the Advanced level of the UK Linguistics Olympiad. They pitted their wits against five fiendish problems, and pulled off an outstandingly successful year for Abingdon; ten boys earned awards that placed them amongst the best students in the country taking the highest level of the test:

Louis Trotter, Tom Walters, Jakob Hobbs and Rohan Chandrasekaran won bronze awards, placing them in the top 30% nationally.

Isaac Mortiboy, Ashwin Tennant and Luka Shanidze won silver awards, scoring in the top 15%.

Charlie Franklin, Joseph Betts and Ethan Walker won gold awards, putting them in the top 5% in the country. These three go through to compete in the second round, attempting to qualify for the national squad, which will compete in an international competition.

Very well done to all competitors!

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