21 June 2019

On Thursday 13 June Tom Long and I, feeling really quite nervous, were shown into a primary school classroom of 28 Year 5 and 6 boys and girls. We had been attending the OH activity Language Leader programme at school for sixth months, in which we had been planning and creating resources for a Spanish lesson; our chosen topic – Sport. Luckily, the children were very kind and welcoming and, once the lesson had begun, very calm and well behaved.

Everyone put their hand up instead of shouting out, they all worked hard and they weren’t afraid of asking for help if they were stuck. We finished with a game of vocabulary noughts and crosses on the board and the class clearly showed that they had remembered almost all of what they had been taught. This was really satisfying! Once we finished they all said ‘Gracias’ and most of the class said that they would like to continue learning Spanish in the future.

Overall it was a very rewarding and enjoyable morning and the Language Leader course has given me a better understanding of the work that goes on to prepare and give lessons. I am really hoping to do it again.

Written by Grant Rogan

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