10 February 2023

The united forces of SHSK and Abingdon banded together once more last Thursday afternoon to debate the issue of the Rights of Protesters. The resolution, submitted by the delegate of Turkey, sought to prove that the country deserved to deal with its internal affairs without the interference of foreign powers. Initially there was some backlash due to the slightly Turkey-oriented resolution, but after a rather zany joint amendment from the delegates of Brazil and the USA, the debate widened to include other countries on the question of how they ought to respond to an invasion of their capitol buildings. The amendment, which included protesters having to ‘run laps’ of an unspecified ‘field’, was passed and the floor was handed to Bangladesh, who wanted to minimise ‘mass’ gatherings in numbers of greater than five people. After some more fruitful debate, the amendment was passed with immeasurable appraisal. To conclude the session, the delegate of Italy bargained to speak against the resolution as a whole, but was unable to win over the favour of the majority and in the end, the resolution with rather unnerving repercussions withstood the scrutiny of the general assembly and was passed. The students all had a great time attending and sincerely look forward to what is next to come for the combined forces of SHSK and Abingdon MUN.

Written by Harry Litchfield

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