We are so proud of our 3rd Year student, Anur, who recently used the £250 he won from the John Rayson award (and topped up with additional funds he earned doing chores) to host a drama workshop for differently able children at Kingfisher School, Abingdon.

In conjunction with staff from both Kingfisher School and Boost! School of Acting, the workshop saw at least 20 differently able students benefit from a 3 hour workshop, held on one of two days in October. Anur said of the experience: “Drama allows us to express and process our own voices and knowledge. It aids in collaboration and creation allowing participants to share art. In the process, it builds confidence and, more importantly, it is fun. I learned how even with very limited ability to speak or express themselves, children at the workshop were able to engage and have fun. Kingfisher is special for educating children with special educational needs, but also for having exceptional teachers and staff who help their pupils achieve their potential. I am so grateful to Caroline and Tom from Boost! who were a key part of the project, as well as Dr Gardner, Mr Stockdale, Dr Howe, Mr Jenkins and Miss Sharman for their help in bringing this workshop to fruition and to Abingdon for awarding me the John Rayson Award.

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