3 July 2019

Members of the Physics Factor Research Club travelled to Queen Mary College London to present their work on the Matter from Light project at one of the Institute for Research in School (IRIS) student conferences.

They were accompanied by a group from St Helen and St Katharine's Physics Department who presented a poster on a project that they had carried out using a similar particle detector on loan from IRIS. After listening to a keynote lecture by detector scientist Dr Michael Campbell, both the Abingdon and SHSK teams moved to the exhibition space where their project posters were displayed and where other participants and visiting scientists could discuss their ideas and findings with them.

After lunch, L6th pupils Robert Zhang and Johnny Weng gave a short talk about their project to an audience of around 200 of their peers, making a very clear and concise presentation about the current results of the work they had done in collaboration with physicists from Imperial College and the University of Oxford. This was a great opportunity for the pupils from both schools to experience a realistic scientific conference and to practise some of the communication techniques essential in any future career in science,

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