28 June 2017

On Friday 23 June the whole school headed to Tilsley Park for the much anticipated Inter House Sports Day competition and a full schedule of track and field disciplines ahead of them. Fierce rivalries were once again ignited with some close fought races and throwing events. The crowd went wild as Austin House stormed down the home straight to take victory in the 4 x 100m relay, however it was not enough to hold off Border's, who won the overall competition by only 23 points ahead of Austin House. 

Individual Results

Event   3rd Year 4th Year L6th
100 A O'Hickey L Border's Delafield A James's Braithwatie K Austin
11.59 sec   11.62 sec   11.46 sec  
B Matthews K S-Sander's Bell M Austin Washington J Crescent
13.26 sec   12.70 sec   12.35 sec  
800 A Cunningham F Crescent Pennington A James's Moody O  O'Doherty's
2 min 15 sec   2 min 13 sec   2 min 15 sec  
B Gardener T  School Blackwell J James's Curtis B Border's
2 min 38 sec   2 min 32 sec   2 min 30 sec  
200 A Rolls J Morgan's Coode J O'Doherty's Moss A Austin
25.29 sec   26.45 sec   22.87 sec  
B Prince R Austin Rundle J James's O'Shea J James's
27.31 sec   25.94 sec   26.81 sec  
400 A Wade H Crescent Hudson N Crescent Moody O  O'Doherty's
59.21 sec   57.94 sec   56.35 sec  
B Rock F James's Brownsord L O'Doherty's Dill-Russell H James's
66.84 sec   64.69 sec   64.31 sec  
1500 A Mitchell R Crescent Insley H S-Sander's Steer C Border's
5 min 07.56 sec   4 min 52.06 sec   4 min 24.44 sec  
B Hobby R Austin McLellan E O'Doherty's Lawson D Border's
5 min 27.49 sec   5 min 20.27 sec   4 min 43.02 sec  
High Jump A Chen V Austin Turnbull A Morgan's Shaw-Stewart G Austin
1.55 m   1.60 m   1.55 m  
B Breach F Austin Forrestal O James's Emafo O Crescent
1.35 m   1.45 m   1.50 m  
Long Jump A Prince R Austin Brown T School Dawson J School
4.45 m   5.45 m   5.18 m  
B Spackman E S-Sander's Ramm H Austin Webb W Franklin's
4.10 m   4.96 m    4.67 m  
Shot A Berezovskiy N Crescent Sishton W O'Doherty's Venables H  O'Doherty's
10.80 m   15.26 m    10.84 m  
B Lister G Border's McLellan E O'Doherty's Ling B Border's
10.47 m   12.43 m    10.95 m  
Discus A Conway S School Chambers H School Humphries M Morgan's
24.86 m   26.13 m   26.88 m  
B Patrikios G Franklin's Merrit D Austin Venables H O'Doherty's
16.53 m   23.61 m   22.09 m  
Javelin A Kay L Austin Honeyman F Morgan's Moss A Austin
23.60 m   31.17 m   39.60 m  
B Jones M O'Doherty's Blackwell J James's Day J O'Doherty's
26.60 m   25.12 m   29.05 m  
4 x 100 A Bird N  Border's Vanhinsbergh W James's Lo L Austin
Siriwardene G   Larousse N   Braithwaite K  
Graham T   Legget D   Pearson W  
O'Hickey L   Delafield A   Moss A  
52.56 sec   52.00 sec   49.24 sec  
B Upton M Border's Zhou P Crescent Hall B Border's
Henriksen T   Putt W   Charrier- Chardin M  
Woods H   Yu C   Curtis B  
Davies J   Capon H   Morrey S  
57.69 sec   54.95 sec   52.28 sec  

Overall Results

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