20 April 2020

The Headmaster, Michael Windsor, challenged boys in the Lower School to prepare a two-course meal for their families over the Easter holiday. This was just one of a series of challenges that were collated by Adam Jenkins, Lower School Housemaster. It was great to see the enthusiastic responses from the boys, who had been reminded that the challenge included laying and clearing the table, as well as washing up afterwards!

The Headmaster said, “I was impressed by the ambition that many of the boys showed and hope that their parents and siblings enjoyed the challenge too.”

Below are some of the meals that boys created:

Luca Centazzo-Hammersley:
“I decided to cook a two course dinner for my family over the Easter weekend. I cooked Chicken fricassee with sautéed potatoes and beans followed by an Eton mess. To drink, my parents had Gewürztraminer white wine and my brother and I had fresh apple juice. My younger brother, Carlo, was so excited he decided to put his best shirt and trousers on after gardening!”

Jack Watson:
“With the Headmaster’s Challenge me and my brother wanted to make curry for the main course and a lemon drizzle cake for pudding. So we got given by my mum a recipe and told to get on with it and so we did. First we chopped up onions, garlic, chilli and ginger and fried it in some oil. Slowly but surely we add in more and more different spices to liven up the curry. Next we put the coconut milk in and left it to cook. After that we added cooked chicken, spinach and coriander.
However, we were only halfway there and still had the cake to make yet. For the cake we used a simple recipe. After making the sponge of the cake we cooked it for approximately 20-30 minutes. Whilst the cake was baking we made a simple icing of lemon juice and casting sugar. My mum and dad thought the curry and the cake was very good, however they did say the curry was a little spicy.”

Fynn Ratcliffe:
“The two course meal I cooked for my parents was a cottage pie and a rhubarb and blackberry crumble made with home grown rhubarb and homegrown blackberries picked last autumn.”

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