12 March 2018

It may look like a police line-up but in fact it’s a set of mugshots that were taken as part of the new GCSE Drama performance exam that took place in the Abingdon Drama Studio last Friday. Under the new rules, students need to perform two extracts from the same play. In practice, this meant there were lots of monologues and duologues from a wide range of plays. We were entertained to works by a host of brilliant playwrights including Bartlett, Bean, Godber, Miller, Pinter, Reza, Soans, Sondheim, Wade and many more. The exam started at 10am and finished at 3pm, a dramatic marathon of epic proportions. We won’t know how our bold thespians fared in the eyes of the examiner until August, but as far as we were concerned they were all Oscar winners!

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