8 January 2021

Jeremy Thomas co-presented an Abingdon Science Partnership/ATOM Primary Science Fair Project at a CPD workshop at the Association for Science Education’s Annual Conference with Holly Irving, Science Coordinator at Caldecott Primary School. Thirty teachers and science educators attended the remote presentation on the ‘Going South’ Primary Science Fair Project developed by Jeremy and Holly. The project was financed by the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the first sighting of the Antarctic continent by Edward Barnsfield and supported by the Abingdon ATOM Festival and the UK Science Festivals Network. Combining all the skills of remote learning and presentation learnt in the past year, the presentation incorporated an online quiz, an interactive jamboard and demonstrations of science investigations using kitchen cupboard materials and a video link from a small desk in Jeremy’s bedroom and Holly’s lounge! Despite the trying circumstances the workshop was a great success with participants feeding back chat comments such as:

‘Enjoyable with great practical demonstrations. Got me thinking of other investigations too’; ‘Inspiring, curriculum-linked, motivating’ and ‘Fascinating and inspiring, want to give it a try’. Just the kind of responses locked down teachers need right now!

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