% of passes at grade 9: 49.4%
% of passes at grade 9 and 8: 76.6%
% of passes at grade 9 to 7: 91.1%
% of passes at grade 9 to 4: 99.9%
% of passes at grade 9 to 1: 100%

The Headmaster, Michael Windsor, said:

“I’d like to congratulate our GCSE candidates on their achievements this year.

They have responded admirably to all the challenges that they have faced during their GCSE courses and showed commitment and tenacity in their response to the processes that were put in place to calculate Teacher Assessed Grades. They can be very proud of their achievements.

The Teacher Assessed Grade process has placed considerable pressures on teachers and support staff alike and I am grateful for the professionalism and dedication that they have shown to ensure that all our students received fair outcomes.

The excellent grades that this cohort has achieved will provide them with a sure foundation for success as they move into the Sixth Form. I very much look forward to welcoming them back to school in September.”

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