12 November 2021

Since moving into Beech Court’s new art studio the students have really raised their creative game. Over the last three years results have improved and are now some of the highest in the country. Abingdon can take pride in its professional and well equipped department. It has outstanding and valued art teachers and they really inspire the students to own and take pride in their work.

This year A Level students successfully moved on to study architecture and animation at top universities. Despite it being a disrupted year, the GCSE students produced some very thoughtful and insightful artwork. They have worked so hard at home and back in school to produce comprehensive research into personal projects. I would like to thank everyone for being so conscientious.

Students in Art are enthusiastic and have excellent communication skills. The older students love to teach those less experienced, and pass on their knowledge and success in working methods. We are very progressive and the students are well supported in the school. If your child enjoys this subject, Abingdon will unleash their potential!

The gallery below shows a small sample from this year’s portfolio work.

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