15 March 2017

On the afternoon of Monday 13 March four boys from the Fourth Year represented Abingdon School. Eden Lam, Garfield Zhang, Jason Ng and Brian Ho all competed in a variety of ‘meal’ themed rounds on a range of Mathematical topics. From a True/False ‘Starter’ round, a ‘Main Course’ comprehension on Squaring Tables, a ‘Dessert’ on Problem Solving, ‘Petits-fours’ on a Mathematics Relay and an ‘Amuse-Bouche’ of four small countdown rounds, there was something on offer for everyone. 

Each round was judged individually, so there was no overall winner, but instead winners in each round. Our boys put in a fine performance, jointly winning the ‘Main Course’ – Comprehension Round, and being the standout winners of the ‘Petits-Fours’ Relay. They also picked up a nomination for excellent teamwork, and were one of only two schools to win multiple rounds. 

Overall it was an enjoyable and successful evening, that allowed the boys an opportunity to experience Maths in a different setting.

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