20 March 2018

First year boys have entered the national competition 'Race for the line' which involves designing, building and racing rocket cars. The competition is linked to the Bloodhound SSC project and the national winning team will get to go and watch Bloodhound attempt to break the land speed record in South Africa. During the Michaelmas Term the boys have been learning about forces and aerodynamics in Science, studying speed-time graphs in Maths and designing and building the cars in DT. The cars were completed this term and on Thursday 15 March we held our qualifying race day. Two rocketeers from RAF Brize Norton, Flt Lt Rob Wellock and FS Richard Stevens came to supervise the race day. Fifteen teams from the First Year entered their cars and enjoyed the spectacle of their foam bodied cars being propelled up the track by a rocket motor. The fastest time was posted by Team Italia despite their car losing a wheel about halfway along its run! The top three teams will progress to the regional stage at RAF Brize Norton on 4 May.

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