2 June 2021

As part of the Be More Griffen course each of the three first year tutor groups has had a lesson with Mr Triff, Head of Career Guidance, to explore the values that are most important to them. Having chosen values related to the three categories of Community, Life and Work, the boys then used their selection to help them write their Mission Statement. A selection of these are below:

My personal mission is to live a healthy and happy life and to be smart about my choices whilst also challenging myself to learn new things.

My mission is to have an exciting life that I can share with a loving family and close friends. I want to make my thoughts turn to actions and work really hard.

My mission is to lead an enjoyable, happy life where I show support for my friends and family and I am also supported by them. I want to have an influence on my community and make sure others are happy. I want to make sure I enjoy and work hard on my passions and always make sure I am improving.

My mission is to not only be dependable in my work by being consistent and reliable, but to have a relaxing life spending time on hobbies with a community made of my best friends that is fair and equal.

My mission is to generate a strong relationship with my friends and family along with taking my own decisions. In order to complete these, I need to have a positive mindset and always have the desire to improve.

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