15 August 2017

The 2016/2017 season for FASBC has now come to an end and it has been a very successful and enjoyable year. By March we had managed to raise enough money to contribute £17,000 towards a new Filippi boat for the J15 which enabled their 'A' boat to be transferred to the J14 with new sculling riggers. The Filippi was delivered to the club in Bordeaux whilst the boys were on their Easter training camp and it had its first Regatta outing at the National Schools Regatta in May. We look forward to seeing the difference this boat makes to the boys successes in the years ahead. Thank you to all of our members who through their support of the annual Boat Club Dinner and Quiz and purchases of merchandise, made the acquisition of this new boat possible.

A new tent for the rowers was donated by the 2016 and 2017 Boat Club leavers: Josh Ascroft, Freddie Bermingham, Harry Cover, Carl Cox, Tom Digby, Ed Hall, Rob Harris, Jamie Sudlow, Alexander Jorgensen, Rob Kinnier Wilson, Jack Lewis, Nick Orr Burns, Harry Parker, Stuart Pearson, Adam Teece, Harry Templeman, Alex Watkinson and Tom Wiblin.

This tent means that the boys and their kit can be kept dry and mud free on the long regatta days. It was used with great effect over the summer months, but particularly over the 3 days of the National Schools Regatta where it also gave the boys an area to relax between races. This gift is very much appreciated by the Boat Club and will be of enormous benefit to the boys in the years ahead.

Thank you to all the contributors and supporters of the FASBC, each and everyone of you make this club a vibrant, happy and enthusiastic family, whose support bankside is second to none. 

Gail Aspland-Robinson
Chair and Merchandise FASBC 2016/2017

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