7 October 2022

In September 98 new recruits, along with NCOs and staff, travelled to Read House St George’s Barracks. When we arrived, we were fed dinner and issued a mess tin, Bergens and webbing. This was followed by an introduction to our barracks and then we got unpacked and then went to bed. The next morning we were woken up by Serjeant Beer. This was a new experience for many of us, getting up at 6:30 but we got on with it anyway. We were then introduced to drill, Bergen packing, ‘why things are seen’ and kit and equipment. This was a thrilling but tiring experience. A lot of people in my barrack of 50 thought that we would be eating rations but in fact, the food was delicious, it reminded me of a hotel! On Sunday we had an RAF lesson when we were flying drones, a lesson on the different methods of movement, and also a lesson on applying cam cream. There was then a stalk lesson where we were trying to get to a destination (a road) before getting caught by the NCO’s. Then we had lunch and were driven back to school via buses. The weekend was a wonderful experience and as a result, the CCF is the highlight of my week.

Written by Recruit Casper Whitfield

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