2 October 2017

A challenging and diverse range of productions are being offered by the drama department over the course of this school year with six shows set to take place. Boys at all levels of the school will have the opportunity to be involved.

There will be three joint productions with St Helen's for boys in the 4th year and above including A Matter of Life & Death and the musical, Fiddler on the RoofBefore Sunrise is open to sixth formers and will be performed at St Helen's at the start of January.

At the end of the Michaelmas term third year boys will have their own production of B12. This is a specially commissioned play by OA Ed Rowett, author of Radio 4’s award-winning sitcom “Reluctant Persuaders”.

There will be a choice of two productions for lower school boys. A 'mods and rockers' version of Romeo and Juliet performed with pupils from Fitzharrys and Headington School and another specially commissioned piece called Black River Bridge.

One further show for fourth years will also take place later in the year.

Auditions and rehearsals are already well underway and we are looking forward to seeing the productions!

Pictured: 2016/17 highlights

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