Examination Timetables

Internal exams

Though precise dates for 2018/19 have not been finalised for all year groups, it can be useful to know the general pattern of internal exams for the year:

More precise timetables for both internal and external exams appear on this page as they are finalised.  

Candidates for external exams

When timetables are published here for external exams such as GCSE and A Level, we cannot guarantee that the information in them is absolutely correct. Candidates should always refer to their statements of entry, which are supplied by the examination boards. If in doubt consult the examinations officer on 01235 849035.

Please be aware that these are correct timetables as is and any clashes shown are yet to be resolved.

5th Year Study Leave 

The plan for supported study for the first three weeks of GCSE study leave is here. This link takes you to a live Google Doc which will be updated from time to time, so please check it before committing to coming into school in case something material has altered for you.