30 September 2020

Although the annual joint dinner with St Helen’s was cancelled due to Covid-19, we still managed to celebrate European Day of Languages in style as a school community. Pupils were treated to a dynamic chapel service, led by Middle Master Andrew Crisp, which was beamed into registration via Zoom, and during which boys and staff could be heard speaking in a variety of languages. The message was simple: we need a global effort from people of all nations to the challenges posed by the pandemic. Boys also enjoyed an Escape Room activity with their tutors where they had to tackle language-related questions in order to crack the code. Finally, on Friday 25 September, a day before EUDL is celebrated officially across Europe, teachers turned up to lessons wearing badges with ‘hello’ translated into a variety of languages from Tok Pisin to Georgian and everything in between. The day serves as a reminder that diversity and intercultural understanding have never been more valuable.

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