28 May 2019

Albeit contrasting to the broody and sullen nature of Wittgenstein’s personality, a sunny and arrid summer's day seemed to be the perfect time for Abingdon’s Edmund Society to receive Stephen Mulhall, an expert on the philosophy of Ludwig Wittgenstein.

Concerned with the way that language shapes our thoughts and motives, Ludwig Wittgenstein, an Austrian physicist, turned philosopher (and briefly an architect) is considered by some to be a genius of modern philosophy, bridging the gap between the formality of the 19th century with contemporary modern philosophy.

Stephen Mulhall explained to the Edmund Society, the basics of Wittgenstein’s linguistic thought: that language could, but sometimes wouldn’t, reflect reality as it exists, suggesting that language was actually the way in which we perceive and mold the real world.

Although Ludwig Wittgenstein wrote most of his philosophy in Cambridge, Professor Stephen Mulhall hails from New College Oxford where he is a lecturer and tutor. The Edmund Society enjoyed the lecture on the basics of Wittgenstein, and hope to see Stephen Mulhall again soon.

Written by German Baraev

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