5 July 2021

As part of Eco-Week, we are challenging you to reduce your CO2e and help your environment.

Watch this video to find out more about Eco-Week

Essentially we are asking YOU to commit to one challenge during the week, for example:

  • Green your travel – take the bus, cycle or walk
  • Provide food and shallow dishes of water for wildlife in your garden
  • Go vegetarian for the week
  • Buy less processed food/cook your meals from scratch
  • Recycle everything you can – enter the Arts Festival on Tuesday 6 July
  • Research your dream green career
  • Pick up rubbish (safely) on walks
  • Design an Abingdon Green App


  • Come up with your own challenge idea (you may wish to use an external website, such as GikiZero, to help you do this)

When students have completed their challenge of choice, they are encouraged to take a photo and send details to Mr Gray who is Chair of the Environment Committee. These will be entered into the inter-house challenge. Some of the challenges include cooking vegetarian food, limiting time spent in the shower, choosing to buy more eco-friendly clothing and walking to school.

The Headmaster has also decided to focus on food and its environmental footprint. Mr Windsor said, “We are not going to buy any meat and are getting our vegetables and fruit either from our garden (spinach, kale, parsley) or from a service called Oddbox, which distributes fruit and vegetables which are surplus to the requirements of supermarkets, restaurants and the catering trade.”

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