26 March 2021

The first years have been learning and performing a speech in Latin, attempting to be elected (in a fairly corrupt way) as Duovir in Pompeii. Below is the English translation of the speech:

‘I am Marcus Holconius Priscus. I am a Roman citizen. My family is very noble. My father was a very famous senator. My wife is faithful. My sons are excellent and clever boys. My friends and neighbours trust and support me; everyday they are writing slogans up on the walls. I am rich and generous. I promise the Pompeians new roads. I promise a magnificent show in the amphitheatre. The rest of the candidates are liars! They give you nothing! So I am more generous and better than all the candidates. My agent is now in the Forum handing out 10 denarii a piece to my supporters. Support me, trust me, o Pompeians!’

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