10 February 2017

Wellington Relays

On Saturday 4 February Abingdon travelled to Wellington College to compete in the annual relays, with a revised and improved course. The perfectly sunny and windless conditions amongst the beautiful grounds helped the senior team, consisting of Ivo Brown, Calum Steer, Josh Crichton, Alex Pennington and David Bunn, to come in at a competitively placed 3rd with the intermediates (Henry Barlow, Thomas Rolfe, Cameron Butcher, Tarik Kurkcu, and Matthew Kunov) coming in at 8th.

Two timing confusions on the day led to the second leg being delayed for the seniors and the intermediates missing their start. However thanks to the use of chip timers this did not affect the final placings. A highlight of the day was meeting ex Abingdon teacher and master in charge of cross-country, Mr Christodoulou, who was uncharacteristically bedecked in full Wellington tracksuits, and Mr Colborn. Well done to all involved.

County Championships

The County Championships, on Tuesday 7 February, were once again held at Radley College. Despite the recent weather, the day proved particularly sunny although some parts of the course faired less well, providing knee-deep puddles. A senior team (Ivo Brown, Josh Crichton, Calum Steer, Daniel Lawson and Giles Oldershaw) were particularly successful in securing the entrance of four out of the five into the county team for the English Schools National Cross-Country Championships in March. 

The intermediates (Henry Barlow, Tarik Kurkcu, Matthew Kunov, Henry Insley, Alexander Pennington and David Bunn) also ran well. Special mention must go to Henry Insley who ran exceptionally well to finish 6th, securing a place on the county team to run at the English Schools National Cross-Country Championships. 

Qualifying athletes:

Ivo Brown 
Calum Steer
Josh Crichton
Daniel Lawson
Henry Insley

Well done to all involved. 

Ivo Brown

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