3 October 2018

Ten fourth years won a prize, sponsored by the Atomic Weapons Establishment, during a trip to TEENTECH Hampshire last summer term. The prize, ironically, was another trip! This time it was to the historic Crofton Beam Engine on the Kennet and Avon Canal, where AWE apprentices have been involved in engineering projects.

The boys were treated to a private 'steaming' with hundreds of pounds worth of Scottish anthracite coal bought specially for the occasion. The technology and operation of the still-working 1812 Bolton and Watt engine and the later Harvey engine, were explained in careful detail by the guides, both of whom had retired from distinguished careers in engineering and now help to run the Trusts caring for the engines and the canal.

Dr Mike Rodd, Chair of the Avon and Kennett Canal Trust, commented:

'I would just like to say a huge thank you for bringing your delightful students over this morning – a really most impressive group of boys and could not get over how mature and genuinely inquisitive they were. Some of their questions floored us and all our Crofton colleagues, who were running the station, felt that the special steaming was most worthwhile. And how great to see a group like this all most positive about becoming engineers! I hope that this will also be the start of collaboration between your school and Crofton.'

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