23 February 2021

Two members of the Lower School CREST Science Award Club have decided to investigate methods to filter dirty water for hand washing in remote communities. The activity is based on the Practical Action development charity’s Ditch the Dirt and Stop the Spread activities which Abingdon pupils first demonstrated in the Schools Zone at the Association for Science Education’s annual conference in 2017. Balraj Purewal and Charlie Scott have decided to combine both activities and to add ideas of their own in order to design a complete water collection and filtration system. Currently they are testing their ideas remotely whilst communicating with each other via Zoom in the Monday afternoon sessions. As Balraj already achieved the CREST Bronze Award for another project in Michaelmas Term, the aim this time is to gain a Silver Award through a longer and more complex investigation supported by an external mentor. The photos show some of the remote testing going on in Charlie’s garden under Balraj’s direction.

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