4 July 2018

In the first session boys learnt about some techniques that would help them take creative and well composed photos. This included the rule of thirds, focal point, leading lines, balance and many more.

Each session the boys were given a theme to explore during the hour and would go off and take photos before coming back to upload them into a shared folder so that a group critique could take place. Some of the themes explored were, summer shadows, the abstract, colourful, celebrating summer, still life, openings.

The favoured theme was summer as it gave them a lot of scope to include colour, shadows and the grounds of school. The most challenging theme was the abstract one as this task was set only using black and white. All the boys’ skills developed throughout the term and they have become more discerning in composing interesting compositions.

Some of the photos have been edited using apps such as Snapseed and Coloursplash.

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