Compton Verney Trip

28 March 2018

Nestled in the Warwickshire countryside is a real gem of a gallery set in beautiful grounds. Compton Verney houses six permanent collections, focusing on areas currently under-represented in British museums and galleries. The much-praised special exhibitions programme offers both historic and contemporary shows and is designed to appeal to a wide audience.

The gallery is set in 120 acres of Grade II listed classical parkland, designed by Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown, the most eminent landscape architect of the eighteenth-century. 

On 22 March the first years visited the gallery and really appreciated an excellent workshop entitled ‘Mysterious Landscapes’ run by the galleries education team. They had time to look at some of the collections, enjoy the outdoor landscape and then work on a mixed media piece based on what they had seen and recorded in the morning. The gallery staff were impressed with the boys knowledge and confidence in handling materials. This was a superb introduction to the work the boys will be doing in class over the summer term and thoroughly enjoyed by all.

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On Thursday 22 March the first years left school for the day and took a trip to the famous art gallery, Compton Verney. Compton Verney is an old Georgian manor which has been converted into an art gallery with a gift shop, cafe, and beautiful gardens. After arriving at the manor we grabbed lunch and headed into a room where we were given clipboards to draw with. We first toured the Folk Art section of the museum where we saw a painting of The Eagle Tavern and some art with uses such as a huge lock and key to symbolise a locksmiths. We then went to two more rooms seeing a painting of Mount Vesuvius erupting and a painting of shipwrecks in a storm of a rocky coast. After we had lunch we went back to our room to draw a collage of all the paintings we had seen before. Overall I am sure all of the first years agree it was an inspirational trip and a great way to end our term.

On Thursday 22 March, the first years were lucky enough to visit Compton Verney, a former old Georgian mansion, that has now been turned into a fascinating art gallery. It is an inspirational place in Warwickshire surrounded by around 120 acres of stunning parkland. Our trip comprised of a tour of the gallery and a practical workshop entitled “Mysterious Landscapes”.

On our arrival, we were shown an intriguing painting featuring a busy street scene. This generated a really thought provoking discussion about how the painter, who, surprisingly was an amateur, had rather ingeniously used perspective to convey an image from the Victorian era. This created the impression that you were looking out of a window. This discussion was followed by a practical session using sketch boards on which we drew various objects depicting symbols from the 20th century.

After this we visited another part of the gallery and viewed a powerful painting of Vesuvius which constituted part of the ‘Grand Tour’. Our guide also asked us to draw this on our sketch boards along with an atmospheric picture of a storm at sea.

During the afternoon session we cut out all the pictures that we had drawn and affixed them to a huge piece of paper to form a collage. We then used water soluble crayons to colour in and paint the collage.

In summary, it was a real treat to view some amazing art and have the opportunity to create our own collage. Many thanks to Ms Byrne for organising such an enriching experience for us.