12 April 2022

In the first week of the Easter holidays 40 pupils and 5 staff travelled to Greece to tour round Athens and the major sites of southern Greece. We were blessed with amazing weather, great food and often had the famous sites to ourselves. Though armed with our covid-passes, we found the experience not too different from past trips in normal times, and so we were able to enjoy the Acropolis, almost deserted in the early-morning sun, Delphi and Olympia carpeted in the beautiful wild flowers of the Greek spring, and the panoramic view from the top of Acrocorinth on the final morning, all in surprisingly relaxed atmosphere. At all the sites we enjoyed mini presentations from some of the pupils, who as a group received praise for their attitude wherever we went. The quadrennial Abingdon School stade race at Olympia, which can be viewed on the Abingdon Classics Twitter feed, was won by Rupert Matthews.

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