Lower School pupils and Mandarin learners from all year groups have commenced the latter half of the term with an exciting cultural experience in celebration of Chinese New Year.

Last Tuesday, students had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the Chinese New Year celebration spirit, participating in authentic dragon and lion dance trials led by an external expert. Working collaboratively in pairs and groups, they crafted their own dragon routines, which were truly impressive. Alongside this, students explored a basic kung fu routine known as “Five Animal Kung fu ” and tried their hand at various acrobatic skills, including twirling magic handkerchiefs—items often featured in acrobatic performances and folk dances.

This cultural exploration continued with a dumpling workshop on Thursday. Once the ingredients were prepared by Dr Su, our 6th form prefect, Eric, led this session with his exceptional skills. Eric not only demonstrated the art of making dumpling skin but also provided hands-on guidance on the process of wrapping for lower year groups and staff. This session offered both pupils and staff a memorable experience in the artistry of Chinese culinary traditions.

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