27 March 2018

The individual knockout tournament finals were held this afternoon at Chess Club.

Sixth Form (24 entrants)
Thitipat Ditrungroj v Richard Oh

Middle School (68 entrants)
Ross Tselos v James Beckinsale

Lower School (36 entrants)
Harutyun Badalyan v Frederick Beneat

Colours were decided randomly and each player had 30 minutes on the clock. The winner of the Sixth Form knockout tournament was Thitipat Ditrungroj, whose unsound Halloween Gambit nevertheless proved sufficiently scary for an early victory by checkmate. Ross Tselos opened up his opponent's kingside with classical attacking play to win the Middle School tournament and Frederick Beneat won the battle of the passed pawns to secure victory in the Lower School tournament. Winners will receive book prizes.

Congratulations to all involved on an exciting conclusion to tournaments that began with a total of 128 entrants back in the Michaelmas term.

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