3 December 2018

Arguing about whether it is better to be attacked by 20 chicken sized horses or a singular horse sized chicken is hard enough in English but proved considerably trickier in a foreign language.

However, the eight Abingdon and two St Helen's students who took part in the MFL debating competition at Cheltenham College were able to rise to the challenge with everyone giving great performances. 

One group suffered a close defeat in the French semi-final and the German and Spanish Abingdon teams were narrowly defeated in two hotly contested finals. Both teams impressed the adjudicators and gained much praise for their performances as runners-up. 

Over all, it was a great day out in which everyone exhibited an admirable confidence to express themselves in a foreign language whilst having a lot of fun in doing so. It was equally valuable for both improving our language and bettering our sometimes-shabby debating tactics.

The Lower Sixth should be particularly commended as they often faced well-versed Upper Sixth opponents and more than held their own.

Special thanks go to all those teachers who came with us to get us there and show their support. 

Written by Freddie Stone and Ben Adams

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