9 March 2018

Chapel Choir were delighted to return to sing Choral Evensong in the historic splendour of Dorchester Abbey. They braved the snowy conditions, which only served to highlight the tranquility and beauty of the setting, and were delighted to find the Abbey warmer than expected and the welcome warmer still. Oscar Bennet intoned the Lenten Plainsong Responses with great style and impeccable tuning and diction, and the Canticles, by George Dyson, in the key of F major, were impressively performed, with all trebles taking the solo line in the Magnificat, since there were so many fine candidates that it proved impossible to chose only one, and similarly all Tenors and Basses enjoying the cello-like lines of the solo in the Nunc Dimittis. The anthem was Purcell's ebullient “Bell Anthem” Rejoice in the Lord Alway, and featured a number of soloists including the suave and rich Alto of Jamie Robson, and three Upper 6th boys – Tenor Reuben Havelock, Baritone Brooklyn Han and Bass Greg Davies. It was a particularly fitting moment for Greg who is now in his 7th year in Chapel Choir! A pleasing number of parents and local residents braved the conditions to join us for what was another memorable and beautiful Choral Evensong service.

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