Last night we celebrated the strong chamber music culture at Abingdon School. Not only was it of a tremendously high standard, the groups of instrumentalists working together were both refreshing and impressive. In the morning, five of the groups also played at the semifinals of the Pro Corda National Chamber Music Competition, and we are awaiting the results with the finals taking place in London on 17 March.

The evening started off with an energetic clarinet choir, led by Adam, followed by two cello groups, a clarinet trio, a two violin and piano trio, bassoon ensemble, a woodwind quartet and a two piano duo. As the evening evolved, the impressive Zhang Trio played a Piazolla Piano Trio, and a jazz quartet with flute, double bass, drums and piano played another Piazolla piece.

The programme ended with a Two Piano, Eight Hands Sonata played by the music staff, to make sure “they practice what they preach”.

Mr Stafford thanked the musicians afterwards and Ms Stulting awarded the Mariette Pringle Shield to the group who were the most committed as well as playing to the highest standard, the Senior Woodwind Quartet.

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