1 October 2021

Recruit weekend was a weekend when all the CCF recruits went to St Georges Barracks for an introduction to the basics of CCF, we did a lot of helpful lessons like how to pack your burgens, how to camouflage and how to notice things which don’t stand out.

In my opinion Sunday was the best day, we woke up at about 6:15 and got dressed and cleaned our rooms, inspection was at 6:30 and whoever failed the inspection was on toilet duty. After inspection we waited for the call for breakfast where we paraded outside the barracks and marched to the breakfast hall. We enjoyed a tasty breakfast. We then had lessons which we learnt how to notice things which were not obvious, how to apply cam cream properly and why things stand out in the jungle. After the lessons we applied cam cream and got ready for the stalk, the stalk was a game which NCOs would try to find you in the wood and your objective was to sneak past without being heard or caught.This was a really fun experience which put everything we learnt to the test, I unsuccessfully got caught at the last five metres when I stepped on a twig in front of a hunter. After this we had lunch and had a very long clean up of the beds, and said our goodbyes to the army base.

Overall the experience was really fun and informational, we learnt a lot about CCF and what to do in it. I really enjoyed this and am looking forward to going on more trips.

Written by Recruit William Beer

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