26 April 2018

107 cadets of the CCF contingent enjoyed a fantastic week at Longmoor Camp, and, despite poor weather for the majority of the week, displayed a cheery and enthusiastic attitude. For the recruits, the beginning of the week consisted of training and practical lessons in preparation for their 24-hour exercise, such as map and compass revision, learning how to effectively camouflage themselves, and how to silently approach a target, to name just a few. With all their groundwork in place, the recruits ‘tabbed’ out to their harbour area, where they set up ‘bashers’ and went on recce patrols to gain information on the ‘enemy’ for their final attack the next day. After a wet yet comfortable night, the recruits were up and raring to go for the final stages of their exercise. For this, recruits set up an ambush for a passing patrol, as well as being ambushed whilst on patrol themselves. With this done, the recruits marched out of the area looking forward to a hearty dinner at the cookhouse. The next day, was a ‘competition day’ to aid the deciding of the award of Best Section and help the recruits consolidate what they had learnt throughout the week. Stands that were run included DCCT (Dismounted Close Combat Trainer), drill, command tasks and an orienteering-style exercise. It was a thoroughly enjoyable day for the recruits and credit must be given to Sjt Max Martin and his team of recruit NCOs for its smooth running.

Operating in conjunction with the recruits’ 24-hour exercise was the Advanced Infantry cadre’s 48-hour exercise. Building on the skills learnt as recruits, these cadets embarked on an exercise of a more rigorous and intensive nature. With the AI back at Longmoor Camp having finished their exercise, and the recruits having finished their competition day, the members of staff hosted a fabulous barbecue for the cadets, which included burgers, hotdogs and pizza – undoubtedly a welcome break from ration packs for the AI! With the barbecue over and bags packed, 2018’s Easter Camp concluded. It represented a year’s hard work of preparation for all those involved, as well as signifying the recruits’ transition to cadets. They look forward to their formal ‘passing out parade’ and receiving their berets.

A special thank you must go to Sqn Ldr Cottam, Capt Edwards and all the other staff members for their hard work in preparing for the camp, as well as to their team of NCOs for their great efforts throughout the week.

Written by Jamie Chick

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