20 April 2017

This year saw the largest ever CCF Easter Camp with 119 cadets attending the week long camp held at Longmoor Training Area during the first week of the holidays.

The recruits performed exceptionally well over the course of the week, with every recruit passing their weapons handling test on the first full day of camp. They went from strength to strength in lessons and activities through the week leading up to a successful 24 hour exercise. A particular highlight for them was the final section attack where the recruits acted as enemy and civilian population for the AI Cadre giving them an insight into what they would do if they continue with the CCF next year.

The AI Cadre also performed impressively, the focus of their week being their 48 hour exercise, which was this year based in the security forces base of the Urban Training Complex. This was also a very exciting exercise, with building assaults and ambushes. The exercise finished with the final attack, where the AI managed to suppress the enemy, and clear all the buildings in the village of enemy presence.

Overall, it was yet another incredibly enjoyable and successful camp for the CCF, with all cadets performing very well. Congratulations must go to Jasper Trilk who won Best Recruit, Sinclair Pearce who won Best AI. Huge thanks go to all the staff, from school and the CTT, who made the whole week possible.

RSM Alex Reynolds

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