8 July 2021

During the final weekend of term the CCF went on the 11X Cadet Training Team’s central camp. It was hosted at Longmoor and the cadets took part in a variety of activities over the four days.

The first day was the survival package where we learnt about making fires, gathering drinkable water, building shelters and other skills. Day 2 took us to Hawley Lake for water sports followed by mountain biking, climbing and archery in the afternoon, all of which was great fun. On the third day we were back at Longmoor for our range day, starting with clay pigeon shooting. Despite the dismal weather we moved onto the rifles range in the afternoon, which saw some excellent shooting with Oliver Sutton making every shot.

To finish the camp we went through building clearance and paint balling. In the afternoon we faced two challenges, a STEM task of building a catapult and a WW1 themed escape room, both of which tested our team work and our out of the box thinking.

Even though the camp has faced several changes due to COVID restrictions it was still a major success. The boys all really enjoyed it with many looking forward to attending a full camp next year.

Written by Sgt Grant Rogan

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