10 May 2018

Last Thursday, the Abingdon School CCF had its biennial inspection. It started with a parade in the morning held outside Big School, where the Inspecting Officer was Lt Col Tom Perkins (OA) MBE, The Royal Scots. Despite the warm weather the parade went smoothly with the cadets praised on their dress as well as a successful year.

Following the parade, we had a short lunch break before mobbing over to Dalton Barracks for a competition afternoon arranged by the servicing personnel of 21 Squadron, 3 Regiment RLC. The afternoon consisted of a timed run, 25m range live shoot, first aid stand and Dismounted Close Combat Trainer Shoot.

The activities were done in teams and the times and shoots recorded. Despite the hot weather the runs were highly competitive in times and the accuracy of shooting was high. Following the day Abingdon CCF was highly praised both by the inspecting officer as well as regular servicemen at Dalton Barracks who were impressed by the effort and skill shown by the CCF. 

Written by Flt Sgt Alliott Irvine

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