6 March 2019

On Saturday all the third year ancient historians enjoyed a trip to the Roman sites of Caerleon and Caerwent in South Wales.

As part of their Roman Army in Britain research project, the boys were exploring the Roman military site of Caerleon, Roman 'Isca', which was home to the Second Augusta Legion. This was one of three key legionary fortresses in the province of Britannia, and the site still boasts the impressive remains of several barrack blocks, a bathhouse and one of the best preserved amphitheatres in Roman Britain.

After investigating exactly how much space each soldier would have had in a barrack room, we travelled to the nearby settlement of Caerwent (Venta Silurum) which was a civitas settlement of the Welsh Silures tribe.

Here the boys were able to see the incredibly well-preserved remains of the settlement walls, which still exist to more than 5m high, allowing them to take some original images for their projects. It was day filled with stunning archaeology and fortunately the weather held off too!

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