14 June 2019

At the end of the May half-term eight fourth year boys completed their Bronze DofE Canoeing Assessment on the River Medway in Kent. They started their expedition in Tonbridge and had to navigate a variety of obstacles including portaging around some locks but also having the fun of 'shooting' down some of the weirs.

The last of these weirs gave boys the chance to fully load up their canoe and give it a go. They managed to get all eight in the canoe and shoot down the weir without capsizing, it was close though! After a few hours of paddling they reached their campsite for the night and cooked a meal as a team.

An early start the following morning allowed them to get on the water nice and quickly. They paddled their final long distance to Maidstone in great spirits and are now all looking forward to taking part in the Silver expeditions next year.

The boys chose an expedition aim of investigating how river pollution levels differ between cities and countryside and their results are due to be presented soon.

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