19 March 2018

As if the Abingdon ATOM Festival 2018 was not enough in one week, the ASP has also been supporting British Science Week with a number of special workshops taking place. Faringdon Guides visited the ASP Lab for a Mission to Mars evening, leading to both the Guides Science Badge and a CREST Discovery Award. Sunningwell Primary, St Nicolas Primary and The Manor Prep all sent classes in for workshops on plants, evolution and inheritance and chemical reactions. An ASP team was also deployed to Drayton Primary with the exciting ASP Chemical Reactions Roadshow. Adult professionals have been involved too, with the ASP Lab in use by the Oxfordshire Science Learning Partnership for practical training for newly qualified science teachers. It has been a fantastic team effort this week, with particular thanks being due to the science technician team who, unfailingly, support all these events and enhance them with their own ideas. The week ended with publication of a podcast interview with the ASP's Co-ordinator and the ASP Graduate Assistant which gives a full picture of what the ASP has achieved and what the plans may be for the future. 

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