6 December 2018

Ten members of the School Rifle Club went to the Lord Roberts Centre, Bisley to shoot in the BSSRA 50m Winter Open. The highest scorer out of the school team was Will Shorrocks with the score of 377.007. Marius Williamson won his age group (12 years old) with a score of 366.008.

In the junior pairs Will and Marius came 12th, Oscar Bennett and Charles Symonds came 22nd, Charles Maddison and Cameron Eilbeck came 29th and Noah Keighley and Arthur Warwick came 31st. In the senior pairs Kai Li and James Thickett came 58th.

In the fours, James, Kai, Will and Marius came 30th and Oscar, Charles S, Charles M and Cameron came 44th.

In the eight, James, Kai, Will, Marius, Oscar, Charles S, Charles M and Cameron came 17th.

On the day, 9 of the 10 shooters came away with a personal best and the team was very pleased with their performance.

Congratulations to all involved.

Individual scores

James Thickett – 352.004 – 54th in age 16 category
Kai Li – 349.004 – 55th in age 16 category
Will Shorrocks – 377.007 – 7th in age 15 category
Charles Symonds – 353.003 – 31st in age 15 category
Cameron Eilbeck – 349.007 – 34th in age 15 category
Charles Maddison – 322.001 – 44th in age 15 category
Oscar Bennett – 351.002 – 21st in age 14 category
Arthur Warwick – 335.005 – 27th in age 14 category
Noah Keighley – 355.004 – 7th in age 13 category
Marius Williamson – 366.008 – 1st in age 12 category

Individual overall placings

Will – 38th
Marius – 100th
Noah – 145th
Charles S – 153rd
James – 158th
Oscar – 163rd
Cameron – 166th
Kai – 168th
Arthur – 192nd
Charles M – 206th

Written by Marius Williamson

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