9 June 2021

Thank you to Year 3 at Caldecott School for inviting the Abingdon Science Partnership to run a remote workshop on the topic of bones and muscles. We discussed different types of skeletons by looking at a wide range of animals including our resident ball python, Felicity, and a lively musk turtle. After bringing the model skeleton out of the closet, children were challenged with identifying as many bones of the human body as they could, while we were challenged with answering children’s brilliant questions. The classes then examined dog and sheep skulls to identify features of carnivores and herbivores, and tested each other’s depth perception. Finally, we began to explore what muscles do and how they work. It was brilliant to experience the buzz of a primary school classroom again!

Thank you to Ms Irving for coordinating the workshop for Caldecott and for some lovely feedback: “Thank you so much for the workshop today, the class got so much from having live (and once alive) resources to interact with.”

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