19 November 2019

On Saturday evening, a cohort of boarders toasted marshmallows on a roaring bonfire prepared by Mr Cook in the Austin House garden. Fortunately the weather was in our favour since it was not raining. Although we were engulfed by the darkness and the cold, the vigorous flames spewed and crackled, wrapping us in warmth and light.

As embers spat onto our marshmallows which we held on thin, bamboo sticks, I discovered as we chatted that from the others’ experience, one should avoid touching the wood, a mistake which I very soon made. Apart from being slightly burnt, and despite oozing and dripping all over my clothes, the marshmallows tasted soft and scrumptious, with many asking for several helpings. One popular way of savouring it was to sandwich the marshmallow between two digestive biscuits, letting it melt on the layer of chocolate.

I have always wanted to gather around a campfire – this was undoubtedly a memorable experience for all, a fruitful end to a long day.

Written by Boco To

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