5 May 2021

In addition to the success in the Blott Matthews Essay Competition, two teams from Abingdon competed in this year’s Blott Matthews Team Challenge. The Challenge was to develop a plan to meet the UK’s electrical power demand between 2021 and 2040 based on achievable infrastructure development.

Both teams embarked on extensive research and then assessed the feasibility of different options to agree upon a final plan. They then participated in a final video call to present their solutions and answer questions. The judges were impressed both with the quality of the work produced and with the video presentation skills of the students.

Abingdon team Eat Your Greens came in first place winning a prize of £500 while EDP Energy received a £100 Merit Award in recognition of the quality of their participation.

Congratulations to Jai Biswas Gladwin, Matei Duta, Cameron Eilbeck, Angus Fenton, Josh Giles-Friend, Theo Hinnells and Caleb Maijeh of Eat Your Greens and to Cameron Gouldstone, Oscar Bennett, Joshuah Ebner, Dan Keeble, Rex Langley, Nicholas Owen, Alexandre Peuch and Harry Watkins of EDP Energy.

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